As I hurried across the road to get into the cab I had a vivid image of  how the night was going to turn out that day. I made a mental note of it. I was all pumped up to attend my first ever Zehen Gig in Bangalore Brew Works. Tanushree who is a dear … Continue reading Perturbed


Pass By Tim Tai

Your roommate’s very good friend comes to stay at your apartment for a weekend. She is this jovial and zealous girl whose company you cannot avoid liking no matter how hard you try 🙂 At the same time, plans are made to meet up with your ex-colleagues who are also friends with your fun roommate (travel mate cum close friend :D). Knitting … Continue reading Pass By Tim Tai

To Appa, With Love

As a child have you ever dreamt of having two birthdays ? Well, I have. Having two birthdays meant being the most important person twice a year. You also get to cut the cake twice and imagine the number of gifts!!!! My father has two birthdays.One official and one real.(The reason for official Birthday was to qualify … Continue reading To Appa, With Love

Sudden Food Plans

A bandh in Bangalore for Cauvery water is quite serious. As a result of the bandh falling on a weekday, my roommate and I had to work from home. Once we wrapped up our work in the evening, we started checking out some food articles and pictures. This activity drove us to Chili’s in Phoenix Mall, Whitefield. Chili’s offers American/Mexican cuisine. The … Continue reading Sudden Food Plans

Birthday Dinner at Bricklane Grill

My friend Naina’s birthday plan was on the cards.We decided to try this new place in Indiranagar called “Bricklane Grill” . The decision to go here was solely based on the wonderful pictures and reviews we saw on Zomato. The place was an absolute marvel .The interior, lighting and furniture was perfectly setup . We … Continue reading Birthday Dinner at Bricklane Grill

Every stone has a story to tell and So do I

  Memories of Hampi continue to captivate me even a year and a half after visiting the place. The pictures etched in my mind are as sharp as the stone carvings in Hampi. It was my first planned trip to a place of historical importance. As a child, my parents took me along to Hampi and many other historical places. … Continue reading Every stone has a story to tell and So do I

An Uber Pool Encounter

I had booked an Uber-Go(a cab which would drop only me) from my apartment to IBM in Embassy Golf Links Park not wanting to reach late on my first day at my new company. From the second day onwards, I decided to go with Uber-Pool (you share the cab with different people with nearby destinations) … Continue reading An Uber Pool Encounter

We Live and Die but the Mountains are here forever

Waking up to sounds of birds, gushing streams,rustling leaves; living with nothing around but greenery,fresh air and some snow-- All these were a treat for someone who lives in Marathalli , probably one of the most polluted and busy areas in Bangalore. I savoured every bite of this treat for ten days amidst the Himalayas. … Continue reading We Live and Die but the Mountains are here forever

When to draw a line?

Image Source : Google Images Disclaimer: The incidents in this blog are based on my experiences, what I hear from my friends and read in articles and newspapers. All these have been combined into the characters mentioned here. Since I am a Software Engineer and most of my friends are also working in corporate setups, I've … Continue reading When to draw a line?