I Am sterdam?

Two nights in Amsterdam were spent at The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel rumoured to be the place where Kangana Ranaut stayed in the movie "Queen". But well, it was my least favourite of all the hostels I stayed in Europe. It was dingy and a little smelly. Adding to this misery was a loud snoring … Continue reading I Am sterdam?


Waffling my way in Brugge

My throat still dry after a deep sleep during my bus ride from Paris to Brugge,  forcing my body into more layers trying to cover every inch of exposed skin as I get frozen on a chilly night of  the European winters trying to find our way to the hostel. Amidst all the haze from … Continue reading Waffling my way in Brugge

A dream called Paris

My first International destination, first international flight alone, first point of entry in Europe and first time in a traveller's hostel. Paris was a lot of  "firsts" for me. My first time in Paris assured me that it was not my last in Paris. When my friend Vaidehi first asked me to join her for … Continue reading A dream called Paris

Diwali amidst the clouds!

I don't know what I was more excited about? Meeting my dear friend after two long years or seeing magical Meghalaya I had dreamt of for a long time. A bit of both I guess. I had 5 days and as per Cheane's plan for me, I was going to see mostly the Khasi part. … Continue reading Diwali amidst the clouds!

5 day Itinerary for Meghalaya

What you see in this post are some tips for a trip to Meghalaya, my  brief schedule and expense details of my stay. This may help some of you who are planning to visit for similar number of days. For pictures and more details about my trip to Meghalaya : Diwali amidst the clouds! Check out … Continue reading 5 day Itinerary for Meghalaya

​Sisters visit the brother and his neighbour

I am sure the readers are wondering about the title of this blog! The brother I am talking about is Sikkim, popularly known as the brother of the seven sister states of Northeast India. And his most favourite neighbour happens to be Darjeeling. My cousins and I(The sisters in the title 🙂 ) visited Sikkim … Continue reading ​Sisters visit the brother and his neighbour

Monsoon Magic in the Nilgiris

Three years ago when I visited Ooty during the rainy season, I was not a very keen traveler. Nevertheless, I still knew when I didn't like a travel experience. That Ooty visit was one such experience. All we did was visit popular places in Ooty which were packed with tourists. The city roads were jammed … Continue reading Monsoon Magic in the Nilgiris

Exploring the Unexplored – Goa

A Trip to Goa is there on almost everybody's bucket list. There are people who holiday in Goa at least once a year or two. I am one of the people who has almost successfully done that from the last few years. Having lived in Goa as a dorky high school kid, I feel at … Continue reading Exploring the Unexplored – Goa

5 Things I observed during Savandurga Trek

It was my third weekend trek in a row and I was left sunburnt yet satisfied having done these three treks back-to-back. Savandurga trek is one of the things to explore in Bangalore during weekends. Some of the interesting things I discovered during the Savandurga trek are:- 1) Steep Rocks are not scary to trek … Continue reading 5 Things I observed during Savandurga Trek

Unforgettable Kodachadri

You never seem to have enough of a weekend getaway, yet I venture into a number of them. I always crave for more while I depart. A true nature enthusiast cannot be content with just a weekend for seeking tranquility in the Kodachadri hills. Though I only had a day and a quarter in these […]