2017 in Review

A New Year has begun today. I look back on 2017 and feel very satisfied about having done certain things which I had dreamt of as a young girl. I am reminded of those unforgettable nights during semester end exams when I used to discuss some of these dreams with my friends. We happened to … Continue reading 2017 in Review


A bow down to the Ladies

I am sure most of you have heard tales of how women are jealous of other women, how "girl" friendships don't last and how a woman always tries to pull down other women. Let me tell you that all this is a conspiracy started by the sexist brigand who is trying to make people buy … Continue reading A bow down to the Ladies

Just Another Story..

The office premises is all helter-skelter with people scampering around discussing in confused tones. When Ankita returns to office after lunch she finds the entrance to her floor blocked. On enquiring with the security she learns about the small fire incident on her floor. All employees are asked to leave for the day due to … Continue reading Just Another Story..

Wanderlusting Solo

Bags Packed. Phones Charged. Passport in the handbag. Off I trotted to the bus stop to catch the airport bus at around 10 in the night. As I showed my ID to the security at the airport entrance and walked towards the Indigo Baggage Check-In Counter, I could feel my heart racing. I just couldn't stop smiling. Exitement was … Continue reading Wanderlusting Solo

To Appa, With Love

As a child have you ever dreamt of having two birthdays ? Well, I have. Having two birthdays meant being the most important person twice a year. You also get to cut the cake twice and imagine the number of gifts!!!! My father has two birthdays.One official and one real.(The reason for official Birthday was to qualify … Continue reading To Appa, With Love

An Uber Pool Encounter

I had booked an Uber-Go(a cab which would drop only me) from my apartment to IBM in Embassy Golf Links Park not wanting to reach late on my first day at my new company. From the second day onwards, I decided to go with Uber-Pool (you share the cab with different people with nearby destinations) … Continue reading An Uber Pool Encounter

When to draw a line?

Image Source : Google Images Disclaimer: The incidents in this blog are based on my experiences, what I hear from my friends and read in articles and newspapers. All these have been combined into the characters mentioned here. Since I am a Software Engineer and most of my friends are also working in corporate setups, I've … Continue reading When to draw a line?