Blogathon 2020, Food

Fruit and Nut Bowl

Cut fruits, nuts, dried fruits , some milk and some millets or oats if I was hungrier. This used to be my breakfast for the last few years everyday. Mix and match of all these ingredients. A breakfast that was easy , quick, healthy and delicious. A very practical breakfast for someone like me who is always in a hurry in the morning. I have never been a very breakfast person though I can be when it comes to certain items on certain days. But this colourful fruit and nut bowl ensured that I ate breakfast everyday.

Even though I am someone who gets easily bored, this was something I missed on days I was eating other breakfast items. I always preferred to have it with cold milk. Sometimes I would refrigerate everything the previous night along with the fruits and relish it for breakfast the next day. It always gave me a feeling of dessert. I could have it guilt-free. This was the breakfast I looked forward to after a sweaty yoga session in the morning. I could carry it in a box and eat it on the way to office as well. No hassle of heating or having to share it with people you are travelling with. Most people I know dont crave for this. Good for me!!!

From the last one year after I began shuttling between my brothers place in Bangalore and my home in Mysore , I left breakfast to my fate. Either I ate dosas made by Anna or I skipped breakfast. Skipping breakfast had become so common to M and me that we decided to give up breakfast all together as a way of controlling our food intake. I do eat on days when I fall sick which is very rare. With all this change in routine, I had forgotten what it felt like to eat my yummy fruit and nut bowl.

During Diwali this year I overenthusiastically bought lots of nuts and dried fruits to make sweets. I succeeded in making carrot halwa just once. My MIL who is visiting us is trying hard to finish the remaining nuts. She casually suggested that I could eat it with bananas in the evening. I am not a person who snacks in the evening usually unless I have cravings. But after my evening walk today , I felt slightly hungry. I remembered the nuts. Suddenly I remembered my fruit and nut bowl from my breakfast days. I cut some bananas , almonds , cashwes and dried raisins into a bowl. Added a little chilled milk from the fridge. I happened to find some assorted nuts powder made by my MIL in the fridge. Added that as well. The bowl looked amazing and it pleased my heart, soul, tongue and stomach.

One from today

One of them from the past. This was more of a smoothie.

The two colourful snails in the above picture were named as Ronaldo and Messi by my ex-roomie and I. Dont ask me why. One of them is dead now thanks to my ex- roomie who is a mother of mishaps

You can read about her adventures here. To know how she ends up doing these things. Please do read . I promise you will laugh.

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