A dream called Paris

My first International destination, first international flight alone, first point of entry in Europe and first time in a traveller’s hostel. Paris was a lot of  “firsts” for me. My first time in Paris assured me that it was not my last in Paris. When my friend Vaidehi first asked me to join her for a trip to Europe, it was a “No” in my mind but I decided to give it some time before I responded to her. I am so glad I changed my mind.

I had two days in Paris and I fell in love within my first few hours in the charming city. I knew that with two days there were only certain prominent places that we could cover. Although travelling to “tick off places only” was not my way of travel, I wished for more days just to breathe in more of Paris.

Walk aimlessly on the streets of Paris, stop to witness sun rays creep through trees and then glisten through the leaves on the ground, dreamily dance amidst fall colours around, visit a random beautiful chapel on the street, check out cute little souvenir shops, stop by a pretty looking restaurant and drink French wine, eat macarons in Pierre Herme and last – just watch The Eiffel Tower looming over parts of Paris – making the already graceful city even more dazzling and beautiful. I want to go back, do all of this again and more.


We were at the summit of Eiffel tower within 45 minutes of standing in the queue – thanks to the offseason(for tourists). The summit view is beautiful but I prefer watching the view of Eiffel tower from the ground. “The Louvre” was excellent in terms of it’s sculptures, paintings and architecture. Unfortunately, I am not a very museum person and I wasn’t able to appreciate them much as all the explanations and descriptions were in French.


I went to Paris with zero expectations. I was told by most friends who visited Paris earlier that Paris was a hyped destination and that it wasn’t as beautiful. My experience turned out to be otherwise, the fall season making it all the more appealing.





15 thoughts on “A dream called Paris

  1. Ha so many firsts !!! Paris is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places – there was a movie An Evening in Paris in 1967 – with Shammi & Sharmila in the lead I think… The photos showcase the beauty of Paris which words will find hard to explain. Nice photography and drives the desire to see in person

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  2. Hey Chaithra, I too visited Paris recently and these are my exact thoughts! My first international destination, first international flight and first point of entry to Europe.
    Reading this was like reading my own thoughts out loud. 😊


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