2017 in Review

A New Year has begun today. I look back on 2017 and feel very satisfied about having done certain things which I had dreamt of as a young girl. I am reminded of those unforgettable nights during semester end exams when I used to discuss some of these dreams with my friends. We happened to get enlightened only and only during these exams, turn on our philosophical-selves. Discussions about life, dreams, hopes, relationships, breakups, patchups etc had to be done in the middle of the night when there were still 7 out of 8 units left for the next day’s exam. So, we had to prioritise which units to pick up and which ones to let go in the meagre time that was left after having these crucial discussions on life.

I have always wanted to live alone and decorate my house all on my own. 2017 had that in store for me.


To have a sister of my age with whom I could play, talk and exchange clothes has been my childhood dream. I did have my brother,  but you know how things work!! You always want what you don’t have. Anyway, my childhood dream was fulfilled when my brother got married in 2017. Hello Sister-in-Law, Anna and you are the bestest people in my life(inspite of  the screaming sessions Anna and I have every now and then )


Have one of my bestfriends as my neighbour. This was definitely not planned. I even got a bonus here. Things just happened to fit in.  My friend is a pastry chef and I get to eat them all!!(even lick left overs)


Backpack in Europe with my own money. Check.


A couple of years ago when most of my friends were moving to the US for masters, there were some uncles and aunties asking me about when my wedding was going to be. When I told them I don’t have plans to marry anytime soon they retorted indignantly “But you are not doing masters or anything. What else is there to do?Get married.” . Some of them who told me this have unmarried daughters  pursuing masters or have daughters who did masters and did not marry in their early twenties. According to them it was justified as they were studying. They had a goal you see. Well I may not have had academical goals, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have goals in life  🙂

2017 has been great.  I am hoping 2018 will be equally great or may be even better.




8 thoughts on “2017 in Review

  1. Dreams are to be pursued and made real ( not leaving any stone unturned ) some do some donot materialise .. those which turn real makes life so happy and satisfied.. I too am lucky to have a son and 2 daughters !!!
    Life has many unexpected turns and twists.. it is our conviction which helps us to sail through
    Nicely penned thoughts and facts

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