A bow down to the Ladies

I am sure most of you have heard tales of how women are jealous of other women, how “girl” friendships don’t last and how a woman always tries to pull down other women. Let me tell you that all this is a conspiracy started by the sexist brigand who is trying to make people buy this theory.

My closest circle of friends are mostly girls and I have known most of them for years. I can say anything to them without being judged and be myself when around them. They have stuck by me through thick and thin. I have lived with almost all my close friends either during college or work. I have had no qualms in getting along with them. And NO, we do not gossip about each other like portrayed in stereotypical WhatsApp forwards and social media trolls/memes. While a couple of them are plunging into new beginnings to pursue their passion leaving behind the comfort of a well paying laid back life there are others who are acing in this competitive world to upgrade their career. Some of them though far away physically remain close to my heart. We have open discussions on politics, people, feminism, patriarchy, and life in general. They are an inspiring set of ladies indeed.

I consider myself lucky to also have worked with some terrific women in the corporate world. Thanks to all these wonderful women who have made work a better place for me. I have managed to make some friendships worth holding forever at work. If not for them I would not have learned to cleverly deal with the umpteen work situations I come across on a day to day basis. The kind of protectiveness and goodness some of them shower on freshers is something I yearned for as a fresher in my first company. They are pillars of strength with whom I can confide things and get reliable advice. Most of them are strong independent women who do not take any nonsense from others.

I know some really courageous women who walk through thorny paths in their personal lives, yet manage to wear a beautiful smile and carry a pack full of confidence on their sleeves. They are trodding on a road seldom traveled by people, breaking the norms of the conventional society and fighting against the odds of a sexist world which tries trampling them down every now and then. Sigh! little does the misogynistic mafia know that these women do not belong to the category of people who give up.

I am proud to call these women my friends. They inspire me to remain strongly rooted no matter what comes my way.

This post is a tribute to the wonderful women friends I have made in my adult life who have left an indelible mark on me forever.


6 thoughts on “A bow down to the Ladies

  1. I bow down too !! Women are much more than what they are portrayed to be in social media. A well written post stressing the need to upgrade the outdated stereotypical social media forwards meant to make just one sex feel good

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