Exploring the Unexplored – Goa

A Trip to Goa is there on almost everybody’s bucket list. There are people who holiday in Goa at least once a year or two. I am one of the people who has almost successfully done that from the last few years. Having lived in Goa as a dorky high school kid, I feel at home each time I set my foot in the state. This year’s Goa visit was a holiday with my cousins who I grew up with. Pre-planned and pre-booked, the trip was quintessentially executed. Ah! How I enjoy traveling with like-minded people who aren’t lazy and take equal interest in sketching out the agenda of the vacation. I am not a fan of traveling in big groups but this group surpassed my expectations. The “Mailankody” blood flowing in our veins might have been the reason.

What was it that we did that made this trip an unforgettable one?

It wasn’t a conventional Goa trip for me. The trip was refreshing like a splash of ice-cold water on your face after a hot sunny day. Some of the best moments of the trip were:

The charming towns of South Goa

The quiet and empty roads of Varca and Cavelossim, the pretty Portuguese Villas, the peaceful beaches (Varca, Betul, Majorda, Cabo Da Rama), the music, the dancing, the whimsical ambiance of the restaurants serving mouth-watering food and beverages added up to making this a calm yet memorable trip. I am very glad we skipped the highly commercialized parts of North Goa which is supposedly every tourist’s favorite destination.


The visit to Majorda Beach which took me back in time to almost a decade ago when I threw tantrums and forced my parents to take me to Majorda Beach. A visit to Majorda used to always be fun and exciting. Every guest visiting us had to be taken there! The smoking hot wood fired Pizzas at Da Tita and the paragliding at the beach made this visit to Majorda all the more cherishable.



When we Stumbled upon Cabo Da Rama fort.

We were looking for Betul Fort and Google Maps stopped somewhere in the middle of Betul village. We looked around trying to spot a building which at least came close to looking like a fort. Unfortunately, we had no luck in finding one. All of us mutually agreed to dismiss the map location and move. We asked a local guy for directions to Betul Fort, he just pointed to the road and advised us to go ahead. So the Mailankody cousins, 5 in the car and 2 in the two wheeler drove along witnessing the scenic Goan surroundings in their quest to find “Betul Fort”. We were very confident of reaching the destination as we saw “Way to Fort.The Archaeological Department of India” boards at a number of junctions. When we finally started doubting the route after driving for an additional 8 km from the Google Map location, we chanced upon a board which said “5 km to Cabo Da Rama Fort.” That was when we realized, the boards we had come across earlier on whom we had relied so much had no mention of the “name” of the fort. But I would like to say “Congratulations Mailankodians” because it was this mistake that led us to explore some of the most beautiful parts of untouched Goa. Both the fort and the Cafe where we had lunch were exceptionally beautiful. I am short of words to explain the liveliness I felt inside me as I reclined back on a chair at the Cafe sipping my drink looking at the vast ocean. Though sunburnt and hungry, we patiently waited for the food to be served. The place was so beautiful that we decided to loose ourselves to nature there for a couple of hours.



The last day of the trip was devoted for biddugonding( lazing around in a language and land of our own)

We woke up late, spent a lot of time lying on the bed chit chatting. Once all of us were up, we braised ourselves for a game of Monopoly. What a game that was!! After some intense rounds of strategising, buying properties and going to jail we were forced to stop as the room checkout time had finally struck. There were even some successful and failed business negotiations between us. We were all really competitive in the imaginary market!!!!


Looking forward to traveling with my cousins more often. We make a great team together.


6 thoughts on “Exploring the Unexplored – Goa

  1. Well written and narrated as always..The mention of Majorda beach takes me back to our Goa days. .and I rate this beach as the Best beach.. Goa is a small state with large land to be explored inch by inch..a traveller’s delight and if wonderful company like this is there ..heaven on earth

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  2. Brilliant write-up, your blog is real nice went through all of it, as a wannabe writer who wants to write about being rooted to the mother land, the Indian stories were inspiring. Thank you for your work.


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