5 Things I observed during Savandurga Trek

It was my third weekend trek in a row and I was left sunburnt yet satisfied having done these three treks back-to-back. Savandurga trek is one of the things to explore in Bangalore during weekends. Some of the interesting things I discovered during the Savandurga trek are:-

1) Steep Rocks are not scary to trek during non-rainy seasons

It’s all how you perceive that matters. My 12-year-old niece managed to complete the trek with ease while her mother stopped half-way fearing she would slip down and fall. I was lucky to have been accompanied by my skilled photographer nephew who carried his DSLR and captured perfect pictures even when we had to tread on slippery areas. (Pictures without watermark are clicked on my phone)




2)People trek all the way up carrying paint just to taint the otherwise beautiful rocks.

Yes, Can you believe it? Though annoyed at the fact that the large painted words diminished the beauty, we did have a laugh at how the words made no sense. We were crazy enough to even click a picture with that in the background.



3)A dog can be your guide and companion during treks.

A puppy followed us all the way to the peak. She looked weak. We thought she got no food or water up there. The moment we opened our bags to give her some food, she became alerted to the sound of biscuit wrappers. She knew we had food. It must have been customary for all trekkers to feed her with biscuits. We fed her and thought we should give her some water too. Alas! we failed to make her drink water from our bottles. And suddenly she stopped following us and sprinted towards a different direction. We decided to follow her to see a small lake on the hill. She was probably showing us that she didn’t need water from our bottles. Thanks to her for the majestic capture we managed to get at the peak.


4)The advantage of having a mother in the group during a trek.

Though my cousin(mother to my niece and nephew) called it quits halfway, we had the luxury of enjoying some cool life-giving fruit juice on completing the trek. She had cleverly placed the juice in the freezer the previous night which she carried for the trek in the morning so that the juice would stay cold for quite some time.



5)The attempt to capture a perfect picture of your feet may sometimes look suicidal to your family.

Clicking a picture of my feet from the top of hills has been my latest obsession. The things I did to get a perfect shot scared the hell out of my family.


Savandurga is one of the many one-day getaways from Bangalore and one of the must-do things around Bangalore. If you are into hiking and wondering how to spend your weekends, consider a trek to Savandurga.


9 thoughts on “5 Things I observed during Savandurga Trek

  1. Well Observed points – Life gives opportunity to learn – only if we pause to look and find lessons .. The dog incident is interesting ! Nice pics too

    Liked by 1 person

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