Just Another Story..

The office premises is all helter-skelter with people scampering around discussing in confused tones. When Ankita returns to office after lunch she finds the entrance to her floor blocked. On enquiring with the security she learns about the small fire incident on her floor. All employees are asked to leave for the day due to the mishap. But she had to get her handbag from her cubicle. As she tries figuring out a way to get to her handbag, one of her colleagues ambles towards her carrying the handbag. He sat on the same floor as her but she had never spoken to him. She flashes a big smile at him gratefully.

“Hey, Thanks a lot for getting my bag with you! “exclaims Ankitha.

“You are Welcome. While we were hurrying out towards the fire exit, I happened to notice the bag at your cubicle. By the way, I am Aditya. What is your name?”

“I am Ankita. I am glad you noticed my bag. Thanks again.”

Aditya and Ankita work for different projects but belong to the same team. Ankita is a smart and independent girl who is just a week old in the company. A workaholic who keeps to herself. Not the kind of person who initiates conversations. Aditya is senior to Ankita and a familiar face in the company known for his humor and wit.

In the coming days, Aditya observes how Ankita carries herself during meetings and her way of dealing with things. He is smitten by her confidence and style of working. Aditya gets no opportunity to talk to her or know her better. She never seems to notice him or anyone for that matter. Aditya always finds her buried with work. A couple of times he does try talking to her in the cafeteria. But whenever he stumbled upon her, he found her gulping down her sandwich and rushing towards the cafeteria exit managing to just throw a quick Hi at him.

Ankita accidentally chances upon Aditya’s blogs. His writing, humor, and thinking impress her. This is when Ankita starts noticing him in office. She gives attention to how he is always good-humoured and jovial even under stress.

One day in one of the team meetings, when Ankita talks of some of her pain points in the project, Aditya gives his frank opinion on how she could have solved the problem if she had taken her team’s help by contemplating over their take on the matter. Ankita is taken aback by his comment. After the meeting, she calls him aside asking what his comment was all about.

He calmly replies “I think you are a great asset to the project. You are hardworking and smart. But I don’t think you are working along with the team. You need to include people and consider their opinions too. You would be helping yourself as well as the team.Ok, I have another meeting now. Gotto Go. Catch you later”.

He casts his usual good natured friendly smile and walks away. His words pierce hard through her. Ankita knows he is right but being the proud person that she is, there is no way she could accept that. It hurts her ego that it came from Aditya of all people.

She waits for him to return, to probe further on that point. But he seems to take like forever! The ball is now in her court and she cannot wait to throw it. She had to talk to him. She finally gets hold of him late in the evening.

“Heyyyy! We have to talk !” declares Ankita

” Ok, I am leaving for the day now. You can walk with me and we can talk on the way ” says Aditya cheerfully.

Ankita hastily picks her stuff from the cubicle and catches up with him.

“Do you think I am selfish?”.


“Then What did  you mean by whatever you said in the meeting?”

“It was a suggestion to solve your problem.”

“What makes you think I don’t mingle with others and don’t take other’s opinions into consideration?”

“You are always so engrossed with work that you are never approachable when others want to reach out to you.  You don’t look up even in the cafeteria.”

“Hey, I did smile and say Hi to you when we ran into each other in the Cafeteria.”

“When did I say you did not look up at me?”

“Well, that is what you meant!! Obviously!”

“But yeah! There have been a couple of instances when you did ignore my efforts to make a conversation with you!”

“When????” questions Ankita.

“The last office cab to my house leaves now. I have to go.”


“Sorry. I can’t miss this one” he smiles apologetically.

Ankita unwillingly waves at him while he gets into the cab.

“But we can keep the conversation going!” says Aditya as the cab takes off.

Ankita nods in approval. She couldn’t help but smile.


One thought on “Just Another Story..

  1. Well conceived and narrated story. Portrays a person who is apparently oblivious of what is happening around and who is around- single pointedly focused on work. An healthy professional discussions/interactions with valued colleagues may make work lighter/ easier when travelling in new/unknown work path. Good ending specially will be loved by the TV serial fans as it suggests a new beginning to a new story!! Free to imagine their own stories and later check with the “real” Story !!

    Liked by 1 person

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