Farzified at Farzi Cafe

I had seen a number of check-ins at this place by people on Facebook/Instagram. I had assumed it to be pricey as it was in UB City. My friends and I happened to go to Cubbon Park on a Saturday evening  after which we thought of giving a quick visit to UB City. After 2 and a half years of being in Bangalore this was my first time in UB . We got hungry there and decided to try Farzi Cafe.


As we were early birds at 6:30 pm, we got to order some stuff (reasonably priced)which is served only before 7 pm. Being a calculative Foodie, I made the most of this opportunity. Before our order arrived we were given some complimentary yoghurt dish. It was too good to be true for a complimentary dish.Black pepper and golden garlic prawn was the first to arrive at our table. It  was soft and tender. I did not even spare the spices used for garnishing prawns that was remaining on the plate. Licked them off my fingers. Chicken Lollipop was made the south Indian way with curry leaves. It was a great taste booster. The Chilli Potato Samosa was fuming hot accompanied with honey chilli chutney which gave the dish a Chinese touch. Seventy percent of our hunger was fulfilled by these snacks.


Complimentary Yoghurt Dish


Black Pepper and Garlic Prawns


Chicken Lollipop


Samosas with Honey Chilly Chutney

After a lot of introspection on what to order for main course we zeroed in on fresh coconut appam with asparagus water chestnut korma and Pork Ribs. The friendly waiter helped us out with this. While we waited for our food to come, I observed how the interiors of the cafe gave  positive vibes. There was a stage and I was hoping somebody would perform but nobody did. The bar in the centre of the Cafe looked like a beehive with bees buzzing around it.


I Loved how the appam looked like a purple basket with korma filled in the centre and chutney spread at the side of the plate. I wont say the Korma was the best I had but I would like to applaud the uniqueness in the preparation as I had never tasted something like that before. It had a strong coconut and asparagus flavour. The chutney given along was the typical tangy south Indian one. My taste buds were definitely satisfied. For some reason we had a strong gut feeling that the Pork Ribs  would taste amazing as all the other non veg dishes we tried were very well prepared. Unfortunately, we were wrong. Pork Ribs was the worst dish of the day. I could not have more than a bite. The meat didn’t seem to be fresh. But the complimentary Paan cotton candy they gave reminded me of my childhood.


Appam with Asparagus and Waterchestnut Korma(Image Source:GoogleImages)


Cotton Candy

One of the major reasons for loving this place was that they gave a lot of complimentary stuff which were really good. Overall a great place to spend your evening and the prices are comparable to other places of Bangalore like Tim Tai, Chianti, Noodle Bar etc.


The Typewriter Machine which had our bill 🙂


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