Pass By Tim Tai

Your roommate’s very good friend comes to stay at your apartment for a weekend. She is this jovial and zealous girl whose company you cannot avoid liking no matter how hard you try 🙂 At the same time, plans are made to meet up with your ex-colleagues who are also friends with your fun roommate (travel mate cum close friend :D). Knitting two scenes of your day together is easy when you have a guest at home who is sociable .What better than sketching a lunch date at Tim Tai in Koramangala!


The moment you enter Tim Tai, there is a happy feeling which bubbles up inside you . The restaurant is spacious and high roofed with eye-catching interiors. The wooden tables,white chairs,yellow sofas and pink cushions plunge you into a fairyland of colours. There is a tree in the center of the restaurant around which you can see a table set. Sitting there would  give one the feeling of being in a gurukula/ashram as seen on Indian mythological TV shows. The tree is what sets apart the ambiance of Tim Tai from other restaurants in Koramangala. On the high wall, you can see  yellow and pink boxes stacked up which is a cute sight indeed.The outdoor area(without AC) is a lovely place to click pictures. There is a small waterfall at the corner. The wall is green with plastic grass embossed on it . Vehicle tires are painted in different colours and fixed on the wall. You can see small plants sprouting out of these tires.



According to the menu, Tim represents traditional and Tai involves extending the traditional with something new. The design of the Menu is as creative and artistic as the place itself with menu items written in cursive.

The Lotus Stem starter was as good as the one I had in Bricklane Grill ,Indiranagar. The Prawn starter we ordered was the first of its kind I had ever tried. The prawn was opened up and deep fried which made it look like a leaf. The simple garlic and bell pepper garnishing on it made the prawns taste delicious. The other starters we had were quite ordinary.


Coming to the main course, I loved the strong lemon grass flavour in the rich Thai Green curry. It did remind me of the Xacutti that I had in Goa. Both these dishes are coconut based just like our Mangalorean Sambars. I was slightly disappointed with the Maroonish Thai Chilly Basil Noodles .This was my third visit to Tim Tai and every time they looked and tasted the same in spite of ordering a different variety during each visit. Seemed to me like noodle was less of Tai(new) and more of Tim(traditional)  🙂 . Hong Kong Vegetables with Sesame Soya was a good choice and I would recommend it for Vegetarians who do not enjoy Thai gravies much.


Well, the main wicket of this lunch was Dessert.You feel like gulping down their tiny bowl of Coconut Pannacotta with BlueBerry compote. But relishing it in tiny spoons, alongside the divine Belgian Chocolate Truffle weaved in really well. The cake was soft and fluffy. While taking a bite, the chocolate syrup was oozing out from the middle . With that precious piece in my mouth, all I could think of was swimming in a pool of chocolate syrup. And I kept wishing for more. We ordered two of that and the dessert plates were empty in a jiffy.


If you happen to be in Koramangala and are craving to have some Asian food and yummy desserts in a pretty place, then Tim Tai is the place to be.


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