To Appa, With Love

As a child have you ever dreamt of having two birthdays ? Well, I have. Having two birthdays meant being the most important person twice a year. You also get to cut the cake twice and imagine the number of gifts!!!! My father has two birthdays.One official and one real.(The reason for official Birthday was to qualify for some age bar during school admission). I used to be jealous. I thought he got to have all the fun I wished to have. So today is Appa’s real Birthday. And here I am, reminiscing a few happy moments I have had with him


Appa coming home from office in his white Kinetic Honda is one of the earliest memories I have of him. As soon as he entered home, I would complain to him about how Amma had unfairly yelled at me . He pampered me a lot and continues to do so. Even now my brother complains that Appa is partial to me. He says I was never subjected to rules and discipline as much as he was. I was Daddy’s little girl. I still remember when he bought the long colourful Yellow Umbrella I always wanted. I was so ecstatic about getting it that I slept with the Umbrella next to me at night . Appa is one of the smartest and wittiest men I know. He knew how to tackle my tantrums tactfully(I was a stubborn kid!!!).As a kid, I always looked forward to my birthdays(for the gifts and attention!!) . I used to ask Appa everyday to show when my birthday would fall in the calendar . If I was bad or difficult , he would ask the calendar to stop so that my birthday wouldn’t come. Immediately I would become a good kid all over again. He also has a wonderful sense of humour and his jokes are a hit among my friends. Appa and I have a lot of fun together.Cooking together and going to restaurants when Amma isn’t home is something we enjoy a lot. My love for food comes from him. He dutifully picks me up from the Bustand at ungodly hours whenever I go Home. Most of the times, I reach Mangalore Bustand in the wee hours of morning. I am usually half asleep and tired at that time, but when I see his car approaching I brighten up. Appa’s smiling face is enough to lift up my mood even if I have had a bad day .

I am undoubtedly a very lucky daughter. Appa is open minded,patient and fun.  I have never been stopped by him from doing what I like.He has always believed in me and stood behind me like a rock. I have grown up watching him being ready to lend a helping hand to Amma at all times. Whether it was cooking, cleaning or baby sitting,he was there. When my brother and I were babies,he used to stay awake all night while we cried incessantly. My perception of a perfect man is “Appa”. He has clearly managed to set the bar too high. Happy Birthday Appa. I hope you have a great year ahead!


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