Sudden Food Plans

A bandh in Bangalore for Cauvery water is quite serious. As a result of the bandh falling on a weekday, my roommate and I had to work from home. Once we wrapped up our work in the evening, we started checking out some food articles and pictures. This activity drove us to Chili’s in Phoenix Mall, Whitefield. Chili’s offers American/Mexican cuisine. The place was on our “list of restaurants to try” from a long time.

We sat in the open air part of the restaurant which was very pleasant. As we glanced through the menu, our confusion grew with every page. There were too many palatable things on it. It seemed like our plates deserved to have all of them. But unfortunately our appetites weren’t up to it. After a lot of scrutiny, we decided on ordering Pork Ribs with roasted garlic sauce and Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl. The garlic sauce on pork was lip smacking .Even the fries had a unique taste. Soft on the inside and crunchy outside.But the baked/boiled corn given with the ribs was pretty much ordinary. Ribs were good but not as good as the ones I had in Cafe Xtasi in Pondicherry.Now let me not get started with Pondicherry food .I will save it for a different blog.


Pork Ribs with Roasted Garlic Sauce!!

Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl had herb rice at the bottom with a layer of greens,chicken strips,black bean salsa,avocado slices and tortillas on the top.This was further enclosed by some chipotle sauce, cheese and sour cream. It was garnished with some cilantro and a piece of lemon. The crunchiness added to the bowl with tortilla chips was certainly a taste booster. The bowl was above average, but definitely not one of the best dishes I had. The bill did burn holes in our pockets. I found the place pricey and altogether not worth the price.But the service was decent.


Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl

We paid a visit to Cafe Noir for some dessert. We had a tiny tiramisu tart which costed us a bomb. But the piece of heaven melted in our mouths, all the way into our hearts.


Tiramisu Tart

Sigh! All in all, it was an evening well spent.


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