Birthday Dinner at Bricklane Grill

My friend Naina’s birthday plan was on the cards.We decided to try this new place in Indiranagar called “Bricklane Grill” . The decision to go here was solely based on the wonderful pictures and reviews we saw on Zomato. The place was an absolute marvel .The interior, lighting and furniture was perfectly setup . We had Spicy crisp Lotus Stem and  Chettinad Chicken Tikka with coconut chutney and rasam shots for starters. I had never tried Lotus stem before and loved the crunchiness of the stem with a perfect blend of honey and chilly . There weren’t too many items on the menu but the names of the dishes did catch my eye . To be honest, Chettinad chicken tikka was a usual chicken starter. It did taste good but we ordered this only for the name and description. The rasam shot was a major point scorer . We also had a sumptuous cake baked by my friend Nikita along with the starters which was no doubt the best dish of the day

For the main course, we ordered  Portobello mushroom Pizza and Curry flavoured Chicken risotto . The pizza was a delicious thin crusted one with mushrooms,caramelised onions and cheese. The caramelised onions added a slight sweetish taste to the pizza which I really liked. We actually had second thoughts about ordering risotto since we had tried risotto in a couple of places before and had never enjoyed it much. In one of the places,it had actually tasted like my college hostel bisibele baath. Somehow, we ended up ordering risotto. Luckily, it turned out to be yummy. It was creamy and brushed up with the right amount of tomato and spices . For dessert, we just shared one Basil Pannacotta with Mango Mousse as we were quite full with the main course. The dessert was average .I found the basil flavour a tad bit more than required.

Overall the food was great and the place had a lovely ambience. I just thought the music didn’t go with the ambience of the place. What really displeased me was the service . They weren’t happy about us wanting to click pictures and kept trying to curb us from moving around .No, we weren’t a noisy bunch that day and nor was the place crowded for them to have faced any discomfort by our movement. In general I found the staff uncourteous. But I would recommend this place for the food and ambience. Do check out this link [] to see pictures and find out more about the place . I am sorry for not clicking pictures that day. I will make it a point to post pictures in my future posts about food.


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