An Uber Pool Encounter

I had booked an Uber-Go(a cab which would drop only me) from my apartment to IBM in Embassy Golf Links Park not wanting to reach late on my first day at my new company.

From the second day onwards, I decided to go with Uber-Pool (you share the cab with different people with nearby destinations) as it was cheaper. Knowing that Uber –Pool ends up eating up more time on the road than Uber-go or X options, I got ready early and booked a cab 15 minutes earlier than required.

There was a customer already seated at the front seat when I got into the cab. His drop location was on the opposite side of the road we were moving in. I was hoping he would get down there and cross the road. But to my dismay, he asked the driver to take a U-turn and drop him inside his tech-park. This meant squandering at least twenty minutes on the road moving around the same spot. Taking a U-turn in Bangalore’s Sarjapura Outer Ring Road in the morning is a lot of time and pain. I have faced the wrath of this many times in Uber-Pool just because some people were lazy to cross the road. I was irritated thinking of the extra road time I would have to spend. I even thought of requesting this man to get down and cross the road as it would save my time as well. For some reason, I chose to stay mum.

After a distressingly long turn, the man requested to take a road which led to the back gate of his techpark. I was scowling while he got off the car very slowly. It was when I saw him on his feet that I realized that he was handicapped. He could not walk properly. I felt sorry for the man and was guilt-struck for my negative thoughts about him. Luckily, I had not asked him to get down on the other side of the road and cross. I just realized that sometimes we tend to judge other people based on our comforts and what we see on the exterior. It is always better to take a moment and ponder over things before saying or taking any action.


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