Blogathon 2021

Discovering others in the Blogosphere

Thank you Summerscript for introducing me to Blogathon ! I started with it only last year and back then I didn't know that there were so many others writing. I just wrote my posts and that was it. This year I got the opportunity to read so many awesome bloggers, their lives and their perspectives.… Continue reading Discovering others in the Blogosphere

Blogathon 2021, Friend Stories


I reconnected with a friend H(V) after years today. We had a happy ,honest, hearty one on one conversation after years. It felt good. She is someone I was close to during college. We spent a lot of time together. She was one of the sweetest and the kindest people I knew. After she moved… Continue reading Reconnecting

Blogathon 2021, Family Stories, Women Stories

The Rebel

She started going to the school in the city for Class 6. Until then she was going to the government school in her village. But the farm girl was never intimidated by the city. She had many friends in the new school. She had followers too. Yes! Followers because she helped them with studies. The… Continue reading The Rebel

Blogathon 2021, Life Stories

Starting Trouble

I have a starting problem.. with everything! Be it studying, cleaning, exercising, sleeping, waking up, meditating, writing and even reading! But with some of these things once I start , I dont usually give up halfway - mainly exercising, reading and writing. Although I have been exercising regularly from the last 6-7 months, everyday I… Continue reading Starting Trouble

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Eating with the Fam!

Growing up, I have had all meals sitting at the dining table with my family. Amma never allowed us to sit in the living area and eat while watching TV. Not even on rare occasions. No excuses. We cribbed and complained and cried sometimes. But that never worked with her. Amma is a stubborn woman… Continue reading Eating with the Fam!